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At SDS Solution we have fine-tuned the science of viewing innovation through the lens of practicality to design unique solutions. Quality focused frameworks and methodologies of software development have helped the company to create a reputation and implementation of high quality business solutions. Process oriented delivery management has helped to expedite project meet aggressive project deadlines that enable the customers to eliminate risk of overhead cost and time overruns. Over the years, SDS Solution has built on this expertise, enhancing its presence in markets such as Custom Application Development, Web Solutions, SMSC based Application and Re-engineering & Migration and work collaboratively with clients for cost take-outs, speed to market and new business opportunities helping them achieve your specific next generation objectives.

Competency Clusters
Project Management
  As new technologies are more widely adopted by customers, we launch competency centres which stay at the forefront of a new technology and are the first ones to execute customer projects in that competency. Introduction to latest software platforms, corporate training to achieve mastery over newer platforms, workshops to home the skills of software professional and access to a wealth of modern system documentation has been a regular practice in the company. S.D.S Solution has trained software professionals with several man-years of expertise in development and implementation of time-critical quality based application software both on site and offshore projects. A well-equipped research and development team engage in developing re-usable frameworks and components to solve generic industry problems. Our strong quest for embracing new technologies from leading vendors and alliances with industry leaders contribute significantly to our R&D approach provides the edge to stay ahead of our competitors. Our system is tailored to the specifications of the project and allows our clientâ??s the opportunity to experience the quality and value of their needs which often exceeds their expectations.
  In any project, establishing the most effective project management is crucial. That is the reason why we take utmost care in assigning a project manager to a project and works closely with the client liaison(s) throughout the project lifecycle.
  The very first task of the project manager is to develop a comprehensive Project Management Plan (PMP) that establishes the following:

  • Process Customization: Any deviation or tailoring from SDS Solution's standard â?? Delivery Processâ?? and the reasons for such a deviation (budget, time pressure, etc.)

  • Communication Plan : How will the team communicate across geographic locations, daily and weekly status reporting mechanisms, use of instant messaging, email, video conferencing, web conferencing, telephone and other communications tools.

  • Roles and Responsibilities : Who does what on the project team; reporting and escalation mechanisms.

  • Project Audit Plan : How will the project checkpoints be audited to ensure that they have been followed consistently.

   In addition to the PMP, the project manager and technical team leader are responsible for developing, tracking, and adjusting Project Plan (PP) / Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that details all the tasks to be carried out, who is assigned to work on each task, milestones and deadlines for deliverables, and overall phasing of the project..

  Project manager takes up following responsibilities to organize the management of the project from beginning to end:

  • Project Scope Matrix (PSM): Limitations of the scope, the major milestones and timelines that must be achieved, and the overall business objectives of the project.

  • Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP) : What tools to use for version control, build and releases.

  • Change Control Process : The objectives process of requesting a change to the scope or requirements of a project and how to reach sign off by both the client and our team on each change request.
Strong methodologies and quality assurance processes are in place for all our work. Our skills, methodologies and experience, combined with the fact that all we do is software development; put us in a position to deliver a solution that fits - faster and more cost effectively.
Seamless coordination among strategy, implementation, and management of our clientâ??s technology programs and our expertise in focused industries, strong quality control, cross-technology expertise, and distributed project management capabilities immensely benefits our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of various technology areas enables us to provide end-to-end solutions and services to our clients. We maximize the benefits of our depth, diversity and delivery capability, ensuring adaptability to client needs, and thus bringing out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain while justifying ROI (Return on investment) for every order. SDS Solution does supplement clientâ??s IT resources, when needed, without maintaining an ongoing overhead by managing clientâ??s technology projects through the full life cycle, ensuring that they meet required service levels and provide headroom for future growth once they enter production.
A major concern for customers looking to outsource software development is quality. Can they trust the cost and time estimates they have been given? Will the finished Product is to a high Standard? SDS Solution emphasizes quality as the basis of its growth and success. As a part of the firms Quality program, we use systematic procedures to assure, assess and continuously improve the processes of serving our client by performing Quality assurance exercise throughout the software life cycle. While the Quality Program is a firm wide effort, we believe achieving quality is every employeeâ??s primary responsibility. We typically involve a lead quality engineer in the early phases of a project to participate in requirements elicitation and analysis, to ensure that our quality assurance team understands the business objectives and the detailed requirements besides empowering each employee to take the steps necessary to achieve quality. We have formulated the following system as a part of the exercise for developing comprehensive quality assurance plan for the projects:

  • Test Plan and Test Cases : We develop a complete testing plan based on the requirements. The test plan includes unit, integration and system testing. The test plan includes all the test cases that typically cover functionality, error handling, performance, scalability, and fail over, among other required tests. The test plan and test cases are validated with the client during the early stages of a project, and are refined and enhanced during the downstream activities (detailed design and coding).

  • Traceability Matrix : During the software lifecycle we trace the requirements to the design components, to the code modules, and to the test cases. This enables us to track changes to the requirements and to validate the test plan covers all requirements and all design elements.

  • Peer reviews of designs and code : Depending on the size and duration of a project, we conduct design and code reviews with architects and engineers from outside the project. These reviews provide an opportunity for valuable feedback and independent perspective.

  • Acceptance Plan : At the beginning of each iteration of a project, we develop a detailed acceptance plan that describes all the expected deliverables during or at the end of the iteration. The client signs off on the acceptance plan to indicate agreement on the expected results.
The quality engineers staffed on a project are responsible for implementing, tracking and adjusting the quality assurance plan to make sure that it is completed successfully by the delivery date. They often use test automation tools to help them in conducting the required testing and establishing a complete regression test suite for the product that is as automated as possible.
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