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Openbravo ERP is a web-based business solution for small and medium sized companies. It helps you in automating your business processes, such as, Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Projects, Finance, and more

Unlike other ERPs, Openbravo ERP is a product that enables highest productivity and business agility with easy integration.

Openbravo ERP is a web-based business solution for small and medium sized companies. It helps you in automating your business processes, such as Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Projects, Finance, and more. Being an Opensource ERP has much more advantages in itself and gives a greater mileage to enrich the developer's thoughts as the source code is with us and there's neither vendor lock-in nor a limit on the modifications that can be done.

Another main advantage of an Opensource ERP is its cost being far cheaper than enterprise ERP solutions. Opensource ERP systems are also easier to upgrade without disrupting the services and the production system and can be done much more often.

Openbravo is one such successful Opensource ERP that's been making wonders and providing wonderful solutions to customers who are looking for the right ERP system for their business.

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Platform to power your ideas for building smart enterprise solutions

Companies use different types of software to boost their productivity. OpenBravo is meant for businesses interested in automating more than their customer service and sales force. This Web-based Point-of-Sale program has a large collection of routines used to track products from the warehouse to their delivery destinations.

Used by over 6000 companies worldwide

By enabling business agility, Openbravo customers streamline operations while gaining the ability to pursue new opportunities, or quickly & cost-efficiently respond to change in your industry or region. Openbravo is a 100% web based business management platform that is:

  • Flexible and easy to adapt
  • Web-based and cloud ready
  • Productivity empowering user interface
  • Affordable

Functional Footprint

Master Data Management:

Model your enterprise in a single ERP instance with a multi-organization structure that lets you maintain information about Products, Suppliers, Price Lists, Promotions, Customers, Warehouses, and much more.

Procurement Management:

Minimize acquisition costs with centralized supplier management and purchase planning, purchase orders, goods receipts, invoice registration, requisition management, and streamlined payment processing.

Warehouse Management:

Achieve optimal inventory control and customer satisfaction with management of warehouses and bins, units, lots, receipts and deliveries, transfers, inventories, stock value, etc. Use the embedded alert management system to independently monitor inventory levels of key products.

Production Management & MRP:

Streamline production and control costs across a wide range of manufacturing scenarios, from traditional discrete and mixed-mode, to custom products, as well as repetitive disassembly operations. Openbravo's easy adaptability and interoperability make it the perfect ERP backbone for manufacturing.

Sales Management and CRM:

Increase proper transaction methodologies by managing prices, promotions, discounts, rates, invoicing, commissions, and more. Plus, Openbravo workspace widgets make it easy to monitor sales trends and performance at any level of the organization hierarchy.

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