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The explosive growth of wireless subscribers 1.2 million new users added daily in emerging economies around the globe is changing society. Users are captivated by the freedom, security, and enhanced productivity that mobile phones make possible. The total impact of mobile telephony is driven primarily by its level of penetration in a given nation that is, the number of wireless subscribers as a percentage of total population. It is estimated that increasing penetration by 10% in India would produce tremendous end-user value of at least $10 billion, equivalent to an incremental 0.38% to 0.61% contribution to GDP.

The new-age mantra of 'business-on-the-go' seems to be catching on fast and uninterrupted availability of critical business information has become synonymous with survival. Rapid proliferation of Enterprise Mobility that is extending business applications / solutions through the use of wireless technologies typically cellular is being regarded as a new paradigm in computing and has emerged to be the most crisp and concise communication mechanism. The new paradigm shift has been marked by mobile, "Always- on" citizens, government, business as well as the transient on-line communities.

In order to take the full advantage of the mobile and wireless ICT technology as well as dealing with the fluidity of the interaction with the mobile society and a booming mobile usage rates, Companies are keen to embrace this technology and deploy best practices to achieve process excellence and harnesses the immense potential. This platform provides focussed information to targeted audience at the least possible cost and stays resilient and ahead of competitors in a rapidly expanding and dynamic market place.

In this scenario, organizations are looking for partners who can deliver solutions that conform to global standards and enable them to achieve their business goals. SDS Solution has a well established Mobility practice with solutions for Telecom Service Providers as well as Enterprise customers in proven as well as emerging technologies. We leverage a solution accelerator with framework components which enable an enterprise to quickly enable robust, secure and scalable mobility solutions for receiving, storing and forwarding short messages for mobile originated and terminated traffic. The robust client-server architecture facilitating capability of connecting multiple short message service centres (SMSC). The Solution is versatile and easy-to-use for managing contacts, sending and viewing of received messages. Custom business logic components in the form of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) can also be hosted in the framework.

We facilitate customers with an end-to-end, integrated umbrella of solutions, followed by technical and functional support with our proven certainty.

Over the years we have developed significant assets of reusable applications, code and utilities, and as such we are capable of delivering projects fast and cost efficiently. The benefits of our solution includes following features:

  • Allows multiple user access and access control management, thus functioning as groupware.
  • Secured Data confidentiality.
  • Multiple connectivity features for GSM device/SMPP gateway simultaneously.
  • Independence from SMS Application Service providers due to ownership model.
  • Shortened decision making cycle.
  • Substantial reduction in communication costs.
  • Unattended mode of execution ensures better human resources utilization.
  • Can cater to a wide range of industry domains.
  • Powerful Rules engine can establish auto SMS responders and auto message forwarders in minutes.
  • Configurable incoming message distribution amongst users.

Significant Project Portfolio

Mobile App Development for Online Market Place. App Name: FixMyNeed Click to View Web application in Details
  FixMyNeed Client Apps.
Click to view in details
  FixMyNeed Service Engineer Apps. Click to view in details
  FixMyNeed Marchants App. Click to view in details
Mobile App Development for Nirmal Bangla Mission Govt. of West Bengal. Click to view in details Synopsis
Development and Implementation of Online Application for integration of user services with the Ericsson AIR Server using User Communication Integration Protocol [UCIP]. Synopsis
Development of SMS based Application for Postpaid Customers of both GSM & CDMA for BSNL under Eastern Zone Billing Centre. Synopsis
Development and Implementation of Software Application (DND, PSUB, PNOAUTO, Black Berry) for integration of user services with the Ericsson Air Server using UCIP.
Development and Implementation of Software Application for Auto-generated SMS Alerts from the Billing Server.

This APP offers a virtual home service marketplace for Indian household for hasslefree, just-in-time, managed home services.

Mobile APP is named as Mission Nirmal Bangla and under the mission the Government of West Bengal endeavors to achieve the larger objective of reduction in child mortality and morbidity, overall mortality and morbidity by reducing chances of water borne and fecal bornediseases due to prevalence of open defecation; reducing the loss of active workdays due to prevalence of diarrheal diseases among the wage seekers; reduce the drop out of children, especially girls due to lack of appropriate toilet facilities in schools; improve overall cleanliness in the villages thereby contributing to improved environmental conditions. Thus the overall goal of the Mission will be to bring about positive changes in the physical quality of life in the villages by rootingcleanliness, hygiene and elimination open defecation. To achieve these larger impacts on the villages and the community, the specific goal of the Mission is to transform all the villages of West Bengal to Open Defecation Free (ODF) villages by 2 October 2019.Developing community managed solid and liquid management systems in the rural areas will also feature as priorities to improve overall cleanliness and environmental sanitation in the villages.

UCIP (User Communication Interface Protocol) is a library that translate into a component of SMSC gateway. The function of this library is to implement UCIP a proprietary protocol supported by Ericsson's AIR/Billing server. Library forms an XML-RPC request using the parameters that are passed by calling application, connect to the remote AIR server via HTTP and POST the request. After receiving a response from the server, the library parses the response and returns the values to the SMS gateway/calling application. Though the library is itself single threaded, it is designed to be thread-safe. The library is portable on Solaris (Sun OS) and Linux and will be ported on Windows. It makes use of libXML (1.4.0) ?? an open source library for parsing the XML response from the server

Customer seeking information regarding BSNL Mobile services (including CDMA )can access this by sending SMS in a predefined number and following information should be offered to them
  • PLAN CHANGE ?? Change existing Plan.
  • TARIFF DETAILS ?? Know about the existing tariff details.
  • DATA USAGE ?? To know about the Data Usage.
  • KNOW YOUR PLAN ?? To know about his / her existing plan.
  • USG - To get unbilled usage.
  • BILL - To get current Bill.
  • OS - To get outstanding amount.
  • MMS - to get MMS facility.
  • HELP - Details of a particular plan.
  • Post paid connection.
  • Post paid 3G connections.
  • Plan change / facility change intimation to customers.
  • SMS relating to BILL broadcast.
  • Bill related intimation to customer [ Bill generation intimation , bill payment request to customer, alarm for O/G bared, I/C bared, P.D., Payment receipt intimation etc]
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